Green Dragon cbd club

Cbd can get expensive so we have started our green dragon club buy one bottle at our store location, 727 bynum st san antonio, tx 78211 2nd re-fill is $20 third re-fill is free and in continues on. military discount translates to 50% off our product. we will register you by text once 1st bottle is purchased.

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  • My gf and I are new Green Dragons!!! We were “born” on January 31st!! Robert is very knowledgeable! I googled whatever I didn’t understand and texted him if I had any questions- to which I got timely responses. I’m fairly new to this stuff- just started getting anxious this past December on a trip to Colorado. While I was there in the ER they said my inability to breath deep was an anxiety issue amd not hypoxia (a high altitude sickness). I have NEVER believed in anxiety disorders. Even when I was prescribed Xanax 6 years ago- I didn’t take it (because I didn’t believe in anxiety nor pharma drugs). So while in Colorado last month, I bought a vape pen and cartridge and it relaxed me so much! My anxiety went away!
    But I don’t want to vape- because I’m also quitting smoking- so I got the oil and it worked great!! I will be taking it twice a day and if I remember how to get back to this location I’ll add an update after awhile:)
    Peace and love to us all~Bea

    Beatrice Yglecias

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